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Revitalise Wildlife
Reverse Climate Change

Reforest Ireland

The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do...

Humanity is facing two existential threats. The Climate Crisis and the Extinction Crisis. Fortunately, there is one thing you can do, which has a huge impact in solving both of these problems:

Plant trees!

Plant native Irish trees in the places they once flourished.

The Wolfgang Forestry Mission Logo

The Wolfgang Reforest ambition is to create a movement of people planting trees...

Help us to reforest Ireland

Gift Trees

Gift trees, not things. Have a native Irish broadleaf tree planted for your giftee.

Join The Gang

Join the gang by contributing monthly to help us reforest Ireland.

Memorial Trees

We will plant a native Irish broadleaf tree to honour the memory of your loved one. 

Gift An Irish Oak Tree

Go ‘all out’ and plant a mighty Irish oak tree (or several oak trees) in our Co. Wicklow forest.

Our Forest

Reforesting the Great Tinahely Oak Woods of Wicklow...

The world and humanity are facing two massive crises. The first is climate change and the other is biodiversity collapse… Really, we need to take action if there is to be a bright future for us, our kids, our grandkids and beyond.
The amazing thing is that there’s one really simple thing we can do that addresses both these crises and that’s planting native trees.

Alan Coleman
Wolfgang Reforest

The Science of forestry

Planting trees can revitalise wildlife and reverse climate change...

5 tons of carbon is a fully grown tree and that’s the amount of emissions one house and two cars per year put out.
So if you planted a tree every year for 40 years, each year, 1 tree would cope with that – and you should have started 40 years ago!

Éanna Ní Lamhna
Vice President of The National Tree Council of Ireland
(Speaking at Wolfgang Essentials 2019)

Planting today, for their tomorrow.

Project One: Mission Accomplished

Acres in Wicklow Reforested
Trees Planted
Species of Native Irish Trees Planted

We have purchased a new field, 3x the size of the original site. So, three times the land, three times the trees and three times the ambition! Get involved now.

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“Forests are the earth’s lungs,
Trees are the trachea,
Branches are the bronchi.”

Gift Trees

We’ll plant native trees on your behalf.  The perfect gift. Help a friend or family member:

  •   Revitalise wildlife
  •   Reverse climate change
  •   Reforest Ireland


Join The Gang

Become Carbon Neutral & Revitalise Irish Wildlife.

We’ll plant native trees on your behalf.

You are invited to join in and get your hands muddy too.

Plus more great benefits…