Gift Irish Oak Trees

What do you get?

✓  We will plant and maintain native Irish Oak trees on your behalf for their lifetime.

✓  You receive a “Congratulations, You’re A Wolfgang Reforester” Digital Certificate (via email) with your giftee’s name on it plus the number of trees gifted, your own name and the nascent forest’s location.

✓  Your giftee receives seasonal video updates on the progress of their forest for the rest of their lives.

Some background

The price below is per Irish oak tree gifted. You select the value you wish to gift.

The gift of a single oak tree will clean the air, nourish the soil, cleanse water in the nearby stream, drink CO2 from the atmosphere and provide habitat for Wicklow’s biodiversity such as birds and bugs supporting wildlife ecosystems.

The gift of a trio of oak trees planted together will entangle roots and connect to the “wood wide web” feeding each other and the rest of the forest for a century or more.

The gift of a dozen oak trees will see 1 person carbon neutral for 1 year. See the sums on the science page.

Bonus, if you gift a dozen trees planted your giftee will be invited to our annual tree planting day, so will you!

Select the number of trees you wish to gift.  The number of trees will be printed on the certificate.

The Oak tree was once widespread throughout Ireland. After centuries of harvesting, there are few native oak forests. Those familiar with Wolfgang Reforest’s story know the significance of Tomnafinnoge which is one of Ireland’s last remaining ancient woodlands with many oaks present in the forest.

We have used many Tomnafinnoge acorns as part of our reforestation project.

We have also added a few acorns from what is believed to be Ireland’s oldest oak tree, the Brian Boru oak, which is thought to be 1,000 years old. This tree is located in one of Ireland’s other ancient woodlands, the Sliabh Aughty Mountains.

You can gift a single tree or as many as you choose and we’ll plant locally sourced oak trees which will take us closer to our ambition of restoring the ancient oak woodlands of Ireland.

Select the number of oak you wish to gift.  The number of trees will be printed on the certificate.


Be careful when typing the “name to appear on the certificate” above, this is what will appear on the PDF certificate. 
Please note: Digital certificates are delivered as a PDF via email.

Wolfgang Reforest is a Social Enterprise
All profits go back into plantin’ more trees.
As an “Enterprise” we’re designed for growth.
When we’ve completed reforesting a patch of land the subscription funds raised enable us to buy a larger patch next time. And then larger the next time. And then larger the next time.
Join the growing movement!

Got a question?

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Gift A Tree FAQs

Wolfgang Reforest is run by volunteers – we don’t accept wages or compensation so 100% of your purchase goes into acquiring land to plant trees, the planting and protection of native Irish trees, and the promotion of our mission to reforest Ireland.

You will receive a PDF cert via email – congratulating your giftee or you for becoming a Wolfgang Reforester. The cert is a digital PDF and is emailed to you. You can then print it out or send it to your giftee.

We are trying our best to be a paperless company so we do not post the certificates out. We email them to you and they are high resolution if you wish to print them yourself.

We plant a broad mix of native Irish trees – Oak, hawthorn, scots pine, hazel, birch, alder, guelder rose, rowan, crab apple and wild cherry.

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