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Join the movement of people planting trees. Become A Wolfgang Reforester.
Subscribe and we’ll plant native Irish trees on your behalf every year!

  You receive a digital certificate announcing you as a Wolfgang Reforester, the number of trees planted per year and the GPS coordinates of the location of the forest.

  You receive seasonal video updates on how your forest is growing 4 times per year for the rest of your life!

  You are invited to join us for the annual Wolfgang Reforest Tree Planting Day. You are invited to your forest to get your hands muddy putting trees in the earth and reforesting Ireland.

Choose your monthly subscription level in increments of €20 per month.
The cost per tree planted is €20.

We estimate 12 trees planted will sequester 1 person’s annual carbon emissions over their lifetime. See our sums on the Science page.

Choose the Number of Trees Per Month:

Each Tree is €20

Please note: Digital certificates are delivered as a PDF via email.

Wolfgang Reforest is a Social Enterprise
All profits go back into plantin’ more trees.
As an “Enterprise” we’re designed for growth.
When we’ve completed reforesting a patch of land the subscription funds raised enable us to buy a larger patch next time. And then larger the next time. And then larger the next time.
Join the growing movement!

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