“Reforestation is one of societies most powerful weapons to reverse climate change and revitalise wildlife”

Ireland’s first Miyawaki Forest is flourishing. Only 1 year after planting, many of the native trees are growing more than twice as fast as expected.

Ireland's First Miyawaki Forest is Flourishing

What is a Miyawaki Forest?

The Miyawaki Method of Forestry, popularised by a 2014 TED talk promises to grow mature native forests 10 times faster and 100 times more biodiverse than conventional plantations. The core pillars of the method are density and diversity. Density creates undersoil co-operation and above soil competition. By planting native trees very close together the underground root network, “the wood wide web” establishes quickly. This undersoil root network provides many benefits to the trees including the ability to pass nutrients and water to the trees that need them most. Above ground, the trees stretch up faster as they are competing with each other in for light in unusually close quarters. The diverse selection of native trees means the soil is enriched by a “diverse diet” enhancing the health of the root network and spurring the growth of the trees.

The Wolfgang Reforest Miyawaki forest is unique.

The trees planted in Wolfang’s first Reforestation project would normally be expected to grow up to 3 feet in a year. Many of the trees have actually grown in excess of 6 feet from Spring 2019 to Summer 2020! Wolfgang Reforest worked with Andrew Stg Ledger in The Woodland League to create a more organic version the Miyawaki method suitable for Irish soils.

More info on Wolfgang Reforest Specific to Project

Wolfgang Reforest is a social enterprise energised about reforesting Ireland. Wolfgang’s Reforestation projects are designed to revitalise wildlife and reverse climate change. Their first acquisition was 15 acres of land outside Aughrim in Co. Wicklow. This land was reportedly once part of the Great Tinahely Woods which covered most of Wicklow but was deforested under British rule to build ships, palaces and universities in England.

This Christmas, people can gift native Irish trees planted on behalf of the giftee or gift a tree planting day in Wolfgang Woods in Wicklow.
Funds raised will be used to buy more land that was once ancient Irish woodlands and plant more native Irish trees.

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