Our Forest
“Our Forest.
Who art near Aughrim,
Wolfgang Woods be thy name.”

About The Wolfgang Forest

Our first reforestation project is deep in the River Ow valley just beyond Aughrim in Co Wicklow. We have bought 15 beautiful acres, bordered by the Wicklow Way walking trail on one side and the River Ow on the other. 300 years ago this was part of the famous Tinahely oak woods which was clear-felled under British rule in the 1600s.

In 1606 it was reported to the crown that Britain’s shipbuilding requirements could be supplied by the Tinahely woods for 20 years. Many British merchants at that time preferred to have their boats built with Irish wood in Ireland. After the great fire of London in 1666, the Tinahely Woods were further deforested to rebuild London, in fact using Tinahely wood in Dublin was outlawed as it was in such short supply. By 1700 forest cover in Ireland was down to a meagre 2% and it was said: “they had not left enough wood to make a toothpick”.

Fast forward three centuries and this land was being used for livestock and is now surrounded by single-species Sitka-spruce plantations.

Wolfgang is now reforesting this land to its former glory as a Native Irish Woodland. Unlike the Sitka Spruce plantations which surround, this diverse forest will act as a breeding ground for wildlife, provide rich nourishment for the soils and revitalise the waters of the River Ow which locals tell us was once replete with salmon.

Nearby Tomnafinnoge Wood is the very last vestige of the Tinahely woods and is actually the oldest coppiced woods in Europe. This provides us with a unique opportunity to use Tomnafinnoge acorns, in their locality, as part of our reforestation efforts to ensure we are propagating the actual ancient DNA of the lost great woods of Tinahely.

In spring 2019, with the guidance of Andrew St Ledger, a Native Woodland Specialist and PRO of the Woodland League we planted 1,000 trees using our own adapted version of the Miyawaki Method. The Miyawaki Method promises far faster growth and richer biodiversity. By Autumn 2020 many of the trees were 7-8 feet high. This is remarkable growth. 2-3 foot growth per year is what is normally expected. 6 feet plus in year one is unprecedented.

Forest growth ruler

We planted almost 5,000 trees in Forest 1 and purchased 38 acres in Forest 2 which is 6km down the road from Forest 1

Our first plot of land, Forest 1 is FULL – we have planted 16,500 native Irish trees in Forest 1 in Aughrim

We planted 13,000 trees in new land in Forest 2 so far which brings our grand total to 30,000 over the 2 areas!

We planted another 12,000 trees in Forest 2 bringing our total to over 42,000!
Across the two Forests, we’ve filled over 40 acres with native Irish trees to date which has increased the size of Tomnafinnoge Woods by 25%.

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“Forests are the earth’s lungs,
Trees are the trachea,
Branches are the bronchi.”

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