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The Wolfgang Reforest Mission

Wolfgang Reforest’s ambition is 3 fold;

  1. To restore Ireland’s ancient woodlands
  2. To revitalise Irish wildlife
  3. To return Wolves to Ireland

Our Story

In 2017, Wolfgang Digital founder Al heard Manchán Magan on the radio espousing the wonders of the ancient Irish woodlands. Al was enchanted with Manchán’s stories. Within days Al had travelled to Tomnafinnoge, the final vestige of the Great Tinahely Oak Woods, and wandered around the woods wild-eyed wondering what Wolfgang could do to restore Ireland’s devastated natural forestry.

Manchán was good enough to visit Wolfgang Digital’s offices and talk to the team there about trees. The Wolfgang crew were enraptured and decided Wolfgang would contribute 1% of it’s revenues to reforesting Ireland from there on in. In addition, Wolfgangers have committed to donating their time to create a new social enterprise and market it. And so Wolfgang Reforest was born. After 3 years putting 1% of revenues aside there was enough in the kitty to make a purchase. In 2019 we travelled the breadth of the country looking at land to reforest, from Blessington to Brian Boru country in Co. Clare. After a number of trips, we found the most enchanting field, bordered by a famous walkway and a beautiful river. And it was only a short hop from Tomnafinnoge woods where the dream began! This locality to Tomnafinnoge made this plot eminently suitable to reforest with Tomnafinnoge’s ancient oak acorns. It is the perfect place to embark on reforesting the almost lost Great Tinahely Oak Woodlands.Tinahely

Irish forest growing

Social Enterprise

Wolfgang Reforest is a social enterprise. This means all proceeds go back into acquiring more land and planting more trees. It also means we’re built a bit more like a business than a charity. We’re designed for growth. When one plot of land is fully subscribed the funds raised allow us to buy a bigger plot. And then a bigger one, and then a bigger one.
This means the movement of people planting trees increases exponentially, and before you know it…

The sound of howling wolves will have returned to the Irish countryside…

And the trophic cascade can begin.

For now please don’t tell anybody about our secret plan. 

Instead, Join Us!

Let’s Make History!

We're Planting Trees To Restore Biodiversity & Halt Climate Change - Help Us!

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“Forests are the earth’s lungs,
Trees are the trachea,
Branches are the bronchi.”

Gift Trees

We’ll plant native trees on your behalf.  The perfect gift. Help a friend or family member:

  •   Revitalise wildlife
  •   Reverse climate change
  •   Reforest Ireland


Join The Gang

Become Carbon Neutral & Revitalise Irish Wildlife.

We’ll plant native trees on your behalf.

You are invited to join in and get your hands muddy too.

Plus more great benefits…